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LAP 322 - Aerosol Particle Size Spectrometer

The Aerosol Particle Size Spectrometer LAP 322 provides the determination of aerosol particle size distributions (0.2-40µm) and particle concentrations. It  is based on optical single-particle measurements by means of 90° scattered light measurement.

SAG 410 - Dust Generator

Solid-particle aerosols are used for research, development and quality management in numerous fields. They are produced by dust generators. In case dry and easy flowing substances are applied, the dust generators of the model series SAG 410 are suitable. They transport the solid material using a dosing belt (VDI 3491-8). 

EAN 581 - Electrostatic Aerosol Neutralizer

The Bipolar Electrostatic Aerosol Neutraliser EAN 581 from Topas conditions the charge distribution on test dusts as well as other aerosols, like required in ISO 11155-1 and DIN 71460-1. Charge equilibrium can be controlled by mixing positive and negative ions in a precise manner.

PSM 165 - Pore Size Meter

The unique Pore Size Meter PSM 165 provides pore size information for a wide range of porous materials with applications in the field of filtration, hygiene and tissue engineering. Materials that may be tested include filter papers, micro sieves, non-woven as well as woven materials and sintered polymers or metals.

DIL 550 - Dilution System for Aerosols

The Aerosol Dilution System DIL 550 is designed to accurately dilute aerosols to produce a defined particle concentration for certain measuring tasks. The main application of the dilution system DIL550 is the verification of test aerosols for testing clean rooms. DIN EN ISO 14644-3 defines the necessity of appropriate dilution systems when using test aerosols for verification.In the applied principle that corresponds to the standard VDI 3491-15, particles are removed from the sample aerosol according to the specified dilution ratio. The particle size distribution remains unchanged.

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ATM 226 - Atomizer Aerosol Generator

The Atomizer Aerosol Generator ATM 226 is especially suited for clean room and filter testing applications according to international standards.
Function test at laminar flow boxes (DIN EN 12469) and cytostatica safety workbenches (DIN 12980), the qualitative test of filters for suspended matter (HEPA and ULPA filters),  and acceptance measurements in clean rooms (according to DIN ISO 14644 and VDI 2083) are a essential necessity for personal security and product safety.

SLG 270 - Monodisperse Aerosol Generator

Condensation Aerosol Generator SLG 270 produce monodisperse aerosols with definined properties in a wide range of particle size and number concentration as well. The aerosol generation principle is based on the controlled heterogeneous condensation acc. to Sinclair-LaMer mentioned in the directive VDI 3491 part 4. Depending on the choice of the particle material either droplet or solid state aerosols can be generated.

PAF 111/112 - Cabin Air Filter Test System

With the Test System for Cabin Air Filters acc. to DIN 71460-1 (Particle Filtration) fractional filtration efficiency is measured while the filter is continuously loaded with dust at constant air flowrate. The increase in pressure drop across the filter is monitored to establish the dust loading capacity. Both the necessary test rig and the test procedure are according to and are completely described in the standards DIN 71460-1 and ISO/TS 11155-1 for motor vehicle passenger compartment filters.
Test acc. to standards E DIN 71460-2 and ISO 11155-2 can be carried out using Topas Adsorption Test Rig PAF 112 for cabin air filters (air filters for passenger compartments).
For filter tests both acc. to standards DIN 71460-1, ISO/TS 11155-1 and DIN 71460-2, ISO 11155-2 Topas has designed filter test rig PAF 113 combining all features of test rigs PAF 111 and PAF 112.